Innovation Service

All-In-One Service, Green Innovation, Quality Assurance

Eclat has set up a professional product research and development center to provide an all-in-one service, quality assurance,
and green innovation in a reliable and environmentally friendly way.

All-In-One Service

Yarn Development - Fabric Design - Garment Design see more

Green Innovation

Environmentally Friendly High-Technology Textiles Our philosophy is to use Three Rs (Reduce, Renew, Recycle) to protect the environment for future generations. I've left the three Rs as verbs here because it gives a sense of action. We have set up eco-friendly construction and manufacturing processes in order to reduse carbon emissions, save power, and recycle water. Our system and products are certified by bluesign®, The Global Recycle Standard®,ISO14001, and others.
Sustainable Certification

Quality Assurance

Qualified laboratories located in every mill, provide rapid response and quality assurance.
Test Methods Our laboratories are certified by more than 20 brands, retailers, and third-party certification bodies.
Martindale Abrasion/Pilling Tester Snagging Stretch & Recovery Pilling Box