Systematic Management

Our use of effective management methods and constantly evolving and innovative technology demonstrates our commitment to high-quality, high-efficiency management and ergonomic progress. Systematic management techniques mean we also continuously enhance product quality, reduce material consumption, and increase economic benefits for the benefit of our customers and our company.

Quality Control

CFA & Self-Audit

We carefully select and train quality control officers to meet our customers’ certification standards. Because we train quality control officers ourselves, we are certified as a factory with self-inspection capabilities.

Just in Time (JIT)

We track production quality in real time to guarantee high-quality products. This also enables us to reduce the waste caused by inferior goods and to analyze rare defective products in order to continue to refine our manufacture.

Production Speed

Lean Production
General Sewing Data (GSD)
Secure the production quality situation immediately, analyzing the defect reasons efficiently for reducing the
waste from those defective products, and also establish the database of production quality.
GSD Introduction
The main use of GSD :
  • Costing Designs
  • Line Balancing
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Pre-Production Planning
  • Time Standard
  • Operator Training
  • Methods Rationalization
The Benefit of GSD :
  • Accurate
  • Consistent
  • Trace ability
  • Eliminates the need for Performance Rating

Continuous Improvement

  • Daily Quality Recap
  • Weekly Quality Analysis & Meeting
  • Real SMV Measurement
  • Learning Curve
  • Database of Sewing Team Resume
Solution Library
  • Establish Solution Library to provide the analysis and solution for exception condition, and reveal the cause of exception condition.