We innovate for the champions of athletic culture and lifestyle.

Learn about our company’s purpose, leadership, history, and partnerships with some of the world’s most progressive brands.

Quick facts


Year founded

C. H. Hung



Employees worldwide

991 Million

Revenue 2023 (USD)


Factories and R&D centers


Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange

Redefining activewear. Over 45 years of material and garment innovation.

About Eclat

Our purpose is to bring new ideas that inspire and endure to the world. And to promote health and well-being. Eclat designs, engineers, and manufactures athletic knitwear materials and garments. We want to be the preferred global partner for material technology and garment solutions.

We’ve spent over four decades shaping the world’s most progressive brands. As a leading technology provider, our partners turn to us for their most demanding developments in sports and athletics, fashion and yoga, and the health industry.

Eclat is known for great customer services, vertical integration, production capacity, R&D persistence, and extensive material collection and garment design capabilities. Additionally, we are actively working towards ambitious sustainability goals to reduce our carbon footprint.

Champions move culture forward

We believe our customers are champions of culture. They are bold and aspiring market leaders with unparalleled vision and commitment to driving growth in new markets with innovative products and sustainable solutions at scale.

Eclat was founded in 1977 by four founders with an eye toward the possibilities of comfortable stretch materials. Today, our global network comprises certified garment and knitting factories, an R&D center, and labs with over 16,000 people operating across Asia.

Eclat Leadership

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Innovate for the champions of athletic culture and lifestyle.

Our purpose underpins our decisions as an organization: to bring new ideas that inspire and endure to the world. And to promote health and wellbeing.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Be an inspiration.

To be the preferred global partner for material technology and garment innovation, we have to recognize and address the challenges in our industry, from environmental to giving people a place to grow and delivering great products and services. Our vision reflects our six principles: inspire creativity, excellence, kindness, curiosity, responsibility, and effort.

Our Principles

Inspire Kindness.

Do it for others.

Inspire Kindness.

We build the environment we work in together with respect and kindness to encourage motivation, happiness, and growth. We should take care of each other when dealing with people and the next generation who builds hope for our future.

Inspire Curiosity.

Question and learn.

Inspire Curiosity.

Curiosity is the desire to learn everything we can. We must embrace curiosity and be open to new ideas and technologies. Challenge ourselves and our perceptions to chart a better course, understand, grow, and innovate. Being wrong is also an opportunity to learn.

Inspire Creativity.

Collaborate and explore.

Inspire Creativity.

Creativity needs passion and collaboration to develop pioneering ideas. Intuition and diverse thinking lead to better results because great ideas can come from anyone. No matter their job, title, background or gender.

Inspire Effort.

Anything done right takes effort.

Inspire Effort.

Simple is not simple, it takes effort. We move fast to make an impact every day for our customers, employees, and the planet. It takes the right mindset to adapt and take on new and complex challenges.

Inspire Responsibility.

Responsibility earns trust.

Inspire Responsibility.

But safety first. We can fulfill our responsibilities ethically through disciplined, sustainable business practices. Everyone’s contribution is critical to our success. When there is a problem, it’s everyone’s problem. No excuses. Let’s fix it.

Inspire Excellence.

Do it better.

Inspire Excellence.

People of extraordinary passion are capable of rising to greatness. To become the preferred global partner for material technology and garment solutions, we must take a long-term view, set the highest standards, and do more with less. That is our pursuit of excellence.

We look ahead as a global company to inspire the world, generate value, and lead responsibly with a culture dedicated to creativity and the highest quality products.

A history of innovation



Eclat was founded. We began trading fabrics and OEM business with four members of staff.


Founding of Everbright, Eclat’s strategic alliance garment factory.


We start to develop and produce stretchable knitted materials.


Eclat builds a factory in Miaoli, Taiwan.


Construction of a factory in Wuku. Introduction of automated production system. Strategic alliance with LA garment factory. Sales revenues put Eclat in the top 500 manufacturing companies in Taiwan.


Business Contact Center established in Hong Kong.


Eclat is honored with DuPont’s Q Mark, for quality and manufacturing capacity. We are the first in the Asia-Pacific authorized to produce Lycra®.


Development of Eclon® nylon yarn and material. Strategic alliance with Bi-long dyeing and finishing factory.


Expands factory in Miaoli, Taiwan. Opens offices in Hong Kong and New York. Merger with Everbright public stock offering.


Eclat builds XiZhou fabric mill. Eclat invests in WuXi China garment factory.


Invests in Bi-long dyeing and finishing factory for expansion. XiZhou fabric mill certified for ISO 14001 environmental management. Eclat is recognized as an enterprise with excellent labor relations.


Eclat IPO. Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange.


Eclat sets up TingHong company to expand business in China and gather market insight. We also invested in WuXi Unison Company in China to increase production capacity.


Eclat introduces ERP systems and expands global presence. Eclat invests in a garment factory in Vietnam.


Certified for organic cotton production by the Control Union Sustainable Textile and Organic Exchange.


Eclat Textile (Vietnam) is built and begins garment production. Certified by IMO GOTS for organic cotton production. Sales revenues up 100% since 2003.


Certified by OEKO-TEX®.


Eclat builds new fabric mill in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Eclat acquires Colltex garment factory.


Certified by Bluesign®.


Recognized for Outstanding International Trade Business by the Bureau of Foreign Trade. Eclat receives the International Trade Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Eclat Taiwan fabric mills convert to 100% natural gas.


Eclat placed in the Industrial Development Bureau’s 2013 Top 20 Most Innovative Taiwan Companies.


Eclat Vietnam fabric mills converts to 100% natural gas, reducing CO2 emissions by 60%.


Installation of solar panels in our fabric mills in Taiwan and Vietnam. Eclat wins the Sports Administration’s 2016 Taiwan Sports Company of the Year award.


Eclat ranked 7th in Nikkei’s Asia300 Power Performers: Top 100.


Taiwan iSport Enterprise Certification. We are awarded the Taiwan iSport Enterprise Certification by the Sport Department of the Ministry of Education.


Cheng-Hai Hung, Founder of Eclat wins the 17th Chinese Leaders Global Views Summit Conference – Global Views Outstanding Leader Award.


Eclat is honored with the Emerging Market Contribution Award of Excellent Trading Businesses Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Eclat is nominated by FTSE Russell of FTSE4Good.


Opening of Eclat new headquarters, Taipei.


Eclat appoints Shu-Wen “Richard” Wang as Chairman, succeeding Founder Cheng-Hai Hung, effective June 12, 2024.


Eclat’s journey and commitments to sustainability, creativity, and innovation continue for cultures & lifestyles to come.

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