Student Design Competition

2020 Competition brief

L.E.A.P. of Faith: create design concepts that embody an active and sustainable lifestyle. Infuse it with Longevity, Energetic, Athletics, and Perspective. In a rapidly changing world, your design should encourage positive interactions and physical activity through a seamless blend of fashion and function.

Competition is closed.

See you next year.

Jury & Awards

A jury of professional designers, chosen by Eclat, will assess the submissions. The final selection committee consists of fashion, art, and design experts. They will evaluate your work based on the theme, creativity, aesthetic appeal, and craftsmanship. Judging criteria:

  • Theme: Relevance to the brief, overall concept and inspiration.
  • Creativity: Innovative design ideas and functionality.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Aesthetically cohesive and market potential.
  • Craftsmanship: Fit, functionality, and exceptional quality.
GoldNT$300,000 (1 winner)
SilverNT$150,000 (2 winners)
BronzeNT$100,000 (3 winners)
Honorable MentionNT$20,000 (4 winners)
Market Potential AwardNT$5,000 (up to 10 winners)
School Group AwardNT$500,000 (1 winner)

In addition, winners will receive priority consideration for job opportunities at Eclat. The highest-scoring school will be determined by multiplying the scores of the selected candidates within the group.

Size Chart

Use the size chart (in inch) for a perfect fit. Consider material characteristics in pattern making for accurate measurements. Eclat will supply activewear materials for the competition finalists.

The neck width, chest, waist and hip/seat measurements are taken as the circumference. Sleeve length is measured from the shoulder to the edge of the cuff. Back length is measured from the neck seam to edge of the hem. Across shoulder is measured from shoulder seam to seam – straight. Inseam is measured from mid crotch to edge of the hem.

Winners 2020

Reflections of the Fireflies Hsieh Xinru + Liu Yuanling, Shih Chien University
March Forward Bravely Yang Yang + Zhu Bolin, Shih Chien University
Dustproof Space Zhang Tingwei + Zhou Jiazhen, Shih Chien University

Winners 2019

1970 Disco Bai Jiwei + Wang Liangting, Shih Chien University
PM 5.0 Zhu Wenxuan + Luo Junyu, Ling Tung University
Turquoise Chen Kaixuan, Fu Jen Catholic University


All you need to know.

  1. Registration opens: 1–25 October (closes before 17:00)
  2. Shortlist announced: 8 November
  3. Finalist/material selection: 15–20 November
  4. Finalist design submission: 20 December
  5. Award Ceremony: 21 February

Note: Event dates and content are subject to change. Check this page for updates.

  1. Create five activewear design sketches based on the competition design brief. Three sets for women. Two sets for men. No garment samples are required at this stage.
  2. To participate, individuals or groups (up to 3 people) must be enrolled as students at a college or university. If you’re unsure about your eligibility, email us at

  1. Save your design sketches as JPG file format. Each file should not exceed 6MB in size and have dimensions of 26 x 19 cm.
  2. Name your files using the format: [Your Name]_[Design Title].
  3. Keep the original design files in AI or PSD format (A4 size minimum). You may be asked to submit the original files. Failure to provide them may result in disqualification.

  1. Complete the online Competition Registration Form to create an account with Eclat.
  2. Please provide your personal information, upload your design sketches, and include a description of your design concept along with a short summary to be showcased during the award show.

To complete your entry, please print and include the following documents:

  1. Completed Competition Registration Form and QR code.
  2. Design sketches, descriptions, and supporting items.
  3. Copies of your ID/Residence Permit (front and back).
  4. Copies of your Student ID (front and back), verified and stamped by your school’s office.
  5. Please mail these documents to Eclat HQ before the deadline:

    Attn: Student Design Competition
    No. 738, Zhongyang Rd.,
    Xinzhuang District,
    New Taipei City 242

  1. A panel of professional judges will review the submitted designs and select 20 finalists.
  2. The finalists will be evaluated based on the criteria of theme, creativity, aesthetic appeal, and craftsmanship and fit.
  3. Winners will be announced and notified through the official Eclat Student Design Competition channels.

  1. Finalists are required to use 70% of the provided activewear materials from Eclat to create their garment design samples. Please check the dates and deadline for more info.
  2. Log into your Finalist account and update your design profile. Upload high-quality product photos and digital files of your artworks.
  3. Prepare garment samples, print necessary documents, and send them to the Eclat HQ for judging.

  1. Winners receive cash prizes.
  2. Career opportunities, and talent development through mentorship, training, and network building.

Please get in touch with us if your question is not answered on this page.


Amplifying young creative voices

Eclat Student Fashion Design Competition started in 2011 to amplify the creativity and voices of inspiring young talent who want to impact the world. And accelerate building Taiwan as one of the global centers for talent, creativity and innovation.

The competition attracts talents from top universities and colleges in Taiwan to hone their thinking and apply their craft. Winners receive cash prizes, career opportunities, and talent development through mentorship, training, and network building. The competition is in collaboration with Eclat Education Foundation.

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