Jun-Ching Tsai

President, Material Division

Jun-Ching Tsai (蔡俊嶔) is president of the material division at Eclat. As one of the company’s pioneers, Jun-Ching is a highly acclaimed expert in material technologies. The company’s growth has been attributed to his leadership and strengths in maintaining strong relations with key partners and building a loyal network of clients early in his career. Jun-Ching joined Eclat in 1980 straight out of the army when it was only a tiny shop of four employees. It allowed him to learn the ropes of the entire business supply chain. From material procurement, production, and quality control to business management, sales, and partnerships.

With his warm personality and solid technical foundation in the textile industry, he generously shares his experiences and skills as a mentor and role model to enable the new generation of management leaders to drive the company forward. He attributes his strengths and success to the company’s Chairman, Cheng-Hai Hung. Under Hung’s wing, Jun-Ching’s expertise and capabilities grew exponentially, and he rose quickly to helm a leadership position. It is no surprise that in a speech to Fu Jen Catholic University graduates, his critical piece of advice was, ‘Work closely with your boss. Work hard and be recognized by your boss’. 

Jun-Ching graduated from Kai Ming Senior Technical and Commercial Vocational School, Taiwan. His favorite pastime is sightseeing from the wheel of his car. He values health and would love to have enjoyed life more fully if he was 20 years old once again.

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