Shu-Wen “Richard” Wang

Vice Chairman

Shu-Wen “Richard” Wang (王樹文) is Eclat’s vice chairman and head of governance. He also serves on the company’s Board of Directors. Richard joined Eclat in 2001 with a background in finance and banking. He oversees the growth of the company’s internal capabilities and global investment projects, and demonstrates leadership in risk and financial management and corporate communications. He coordinated countless investment projects in China, El Salvador, Vietnam, and Indonesia when Eclat undertook a major transformation in its supply chain strategies to navigate the economic downturns and evolving market. In 2008, Richard was an instrumental driving force of on one of the company’s largest investment moves in Vietnam to manage the R&D operations and vertical integration services. From talent and technology to factories and supply chain expansion.

Richard has a clear strategic vision and is a firm believer of data and analytics, giving him the sensitivity to the intricacies of the manufacturing processes, executing new ideas, and progressing sustainability practices. He cites Chairman Hung’s blue ocean strategy as inspiration to explore new territories and markets.

Richard holds a Master of Science degree in accountancy from California State University, Los Angeles, and is a certified public accountant. He enjoys running marathons and always trusts his first intuition.

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