Chairman’s letter 2023

Sustainability September 26, 2023

In early 2022, the direct impact of COVID-19 gradually receded as vaccines became widely available. However, the derivative impact from the pandemic continues, along with uncertainties including international wars. Therefore, we must be prudent in our response. Thanks to the efforts of our employees, our performance has continued to grow. This year, our revenue once again reaches a record high, and we have shared these results with our employees. In this year, we opened our new headquarters to bring our employees together and provide them with a better office environment. The headquarters brings together our main business activities including operations, order taking, R&D and the exhibition center, and we look forward to maximizing operational efficiency.

We continue to uphold the core value of “continuous innovation and sustainable management” to promote the transformation of the textile and garment industry. This report centers around the main theme of “Weaving for Sustainability”, which demonstrates our persistence in the textile and garment industry, and we hope to promote the sustainable development of the textile industry through the spirit of continuous innovation and partnership.

In the 2022 report, Eclat has organized its sustainable management strategy and practices in the five aspects of corporate sustainable governance, creation of industrial values, talent development, protection of environmental resources and social charity, so that readers can understand how Eclat continues to implement corporate sustainable development, promote the green transformation of business, and facilitate the integration and development of the industry.

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