Cheng-Hai Hung

Cheng-Hai Hung (洪鎮海) is the founder and chairman of Eclat and serves on the company’s board of directors. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s strategic direction, including business development, investment efforts, innovative products, vertical integration solutions, and setting ambitious… Continue reading →

Shu-Wen “Richard” Wang

Shu-Wen “Richard” Wang

Shu-Wen “Richard” Wang (王樹文) is Eclat’s vice chairman and head of governance. He also serves on the company’s Board of Directors. Richard joined Eclat in 2001 with a background in finance and banking. He oversees the growth of the company’s… Continue reading →

Jun-Ching Tsai

Jun-Ching Tsai (蔡俊嶔) is president of the material division at Eclat. As one of the company’s pioneers, Jun-Ching is a highly acclaimed expert in material technologies. The company’s growth has been attributed to his leadership and strengths in maintaining strong relations with… Continue reading →

Kun-Tang “Kevin” Chen

Kun-Tang “Kevin” Chen (陳坤鎕) is president of the garment division at Eclat and serves on the company’s Board of Directors. Kevin joined Eclat in 2002, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in fabrics and textiles management. Alongside his product development and… Continue reading →

Jen-Chieh “Roger” Lo

Jen-Chieh “Roger” Lo (羅仁傑) is the vice president of finance and accounting at Eclat and the director of Eclat Education Foundation. Roger is responsible for overseeing Eclat’s worldwide operations, shaping its financial reins, and advancing global investment projects with his… Continue reading →

Li-Fen “Karin” Cheng

Li-Fen “Karin” Cheng (鄭麗芬) is the vice president of the garment division at Eclat. She joined the company in 2006 with a substantial business and senior management experience background in textiles and international trade, gained through her career at the Taiwan Textile… Continue reading →

Cheng-Chin “Bryan” Tsai

Cheng-Chin “Bryan” Tsai (蔡正欽) is vice president of the material division at Eclat reporting to Chairman Cheng-Hai Hung. Intrigued by Eclat’s unique products and position in the industry, Bryan joined the company’s production and operations team as an engineer in 1996… Continue reading →

Jui-Ting “JT” Hung

JT Hung (洪瑞廷) is Eclat’s vice president of the Material Division. He oversees Eclat’s internal and external capabilities to adapt to the ever-evolving business environment. His most outstanding achievement is creating a culture that empowers teams with the necessary channels… Continue reading →