Leadership and Governance

Internal Audit Department.

Our Internal Audit Department assesses and employs experienced full-time auditors based on our business scale, financial status, and management needs in line with the relevant laws and regulations.

The purpose of internal audit

Internal Audit Department Operations.

The Board of Directors and the Audit Committee oversee the Internal Audit Department, an independent unit. At the end of each year, we assess risks based on industry shifts and previous assessments. We then formulate and implement an annual audit plan with approval from the Board of Directors.

By the end of January each year, we publish internal auditors’ names and training subjects on the Market Observation Post System (MOPS). We deliver completed audit findings and recommendations to the Audit Committee for review by the end of the following month.

If internal auditors identify a major violation or threat to the company’s reputation during their work, they will immediately report it to the Audit Committee. The Head of the Internal Audit Department attends Board of Directors meetings to report on department operations.

Our global audit policy

Appointment, dismissal, assessment, and remuneration.

Eclat appoints and dismisses the Head of the Internal Audit Department under the “Audit Committee Charter.” The Audit Committee and the Board of Directors must approve the Head’s remuneration and assessment, which the Chairman of the Board ultimately supports.

The appointment, dismissal, assessment, and remuneration of the members of the Internal Audit Department also follow the “Audit Committee Charter,” “Remuneration Committee Charter,” “Employee Performance Evaluation,” and “Approval of Authority Administration Policy,” and require final approval from the Chairman of the Board.

Internal inspection.

All units and subsidiaries of the Eclat will conduct an internal inspection, at least once a year. The Internal Audit Department will assess the results of this inspection, and make an assessment to be used by the Board of Directors and the general manager to assess the effectiveness of the overall internal audit system and will inform the issuance of any necessary internal inspection system declaration.

Audit of Eclat subsidiaries.

Eclat’s Internal Audit Department will audit its subsidiaries to ensure they follow local laws and regulations and the nature of their operations. If any problems are discovered, the subsidiaries must develop a plan to resolve the issues, and the Internal Audit Department will make sure the subsidiaries follow the plan. This process helps ensure the company’s operations are effective and protects stakeholders’ interests.

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