Softener water tank

Water and waste.

We’re constantly finding new ways to minimize and drive water efficiency, improve the quality of water we discharge, prevent pollution, and divert waste from landfills by increasing our recycling rate.

Water management

We’re improving water efficiency across our operations.

We want to reduce water consumption and waste throughout the company to protect natural resources and act on the impact brought by climate change. Eclat is committed to balancing business development and environmental protection as a supplier for many global lifestyle brands.

We’re driving water efficiency and preventing water waste under the principle of sustainable development. Eclat is committed to recycling water and using reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration (RO and UF) technology to improve wastewater recovery. We’ve reached nearly 30% water recovery at Eclat Fabric Vietnam.

Eclat does more than enhance wastewater recycling: we also make every effort to minimize discharge from manufacturing processes, thus reducing wastewater at the source and preventing pollution. Dyeing typically requires massive amounts of water, and we are committed to improving the dyeing and finishing processes and developing new technology to find replacements for water resources. Our Dayuan factory currently operates EcoDye machines that require significantly less water and energy.

Waste management

We’re organizing and preventing pollution and waste.

Regulatory compliance in waste management is essential at Eclat. All business waste is declared and addressed according to local regulatory requirements and classified and stored according to waste characteristics. We assign responsible people at each facility to inspect the waste storage areas and report related output and stored amounts. We declared all of our waste as required in 2022, and the evaluation of waste treatment service providers is complete for the current year, which satisfies the requirements without any violations.

Material Division

Kilograms (kg) waste generated and recycled

General business waste202020212022
Recycling and Treatment5,777,1786,442,1935,347,756
Landfill Disposal2,932,3703,949,5002,416,680
Hazardous Business Waste
(For Eclat Fabric Vietnam only)
Recycling and Treatment197,780158,270143,254
  1. In light of the local regulatory requirements in Vietnam, hazardous business waste is only applicable to Eclat Fabric Vietnam.

Garment Division

Kilograms (kg) waste generated and recycled

General business waste202020212022
Recycling and Treatment1,862,3631,701,7713,140,236
Landfill Disposal11,9521,386,100490,530
Hazardous Business Waste202020212022
Recycling and Treatment1,467975674


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