Garment Development

Eclat garment development teams.

Full service to bring ideas to life.

Our designers and specialists are there from the start to imagine what’s possible — from digital to physical model fitting, pattern design to material selection, and sewing to manufacturing at the highest standards.

Brand Direction Design Development
Your vision
Eclat offerings

Integrated design approach for co-creation.

Eclat collaborates with your teams to develop bespoke products that align with your brand’s ethos, heritage, and direction. Using trend analysis, creativity, and compelling designs, we offer expert guidance and inspiration at every stage.

In-house ingenuity.

Our teams are dedicated to invent bold new ideas with uncompromising material quality, that inspires, and suits the needs of people globally.

Visualize and simulate.

Our designers use 2D/3D CAD prototyping tools to design and visualize structures and simulate draping and movement with high accuracy. Our product development suite includes the Gerber system, Browzwear, Optitex, and CLO software.

Sewing workshop.

Our sample makers collaborate in teams tailored to meet each client’s unique product development needs. In contrast, our sample workshop has diverse automation systems to support their work.

Technical Design, certified.

Eclat’s technical designers hold certifications from leading brands and retailers, ensuring our designs meet the highest standards. Additionally, our industrial engineers leverage advanced tools and work standards to optimize production methods, reduce turnaround times, and deliver cost-effective solutions.

On-site development.

Our certified technical designers provide on-site fitting and bespoke tailoring to our client’s specifications for the highest comfort and durability.