Material R&D

Materials with purpose.

Eclat’s core competency is technical clothing materials, from high-level concepts and designs to knitting at a monthly capacity of 15 million yards. Our R&D teams bring creativity and technology to brands globally.

R&D Department.

The department operates as a lab, we explore ideas to push the limits of activewear materials and our collections. Our R&D team works closely with yours on projects to develop anything from ideas to production-ready designs, including sampling, and testing materials under extreme usage to ensure they won’t easily wear or tear and are comfortable to wear. We also keep track of athletic and fashion trends with a critical lens on innovation, sustainability, art, and design.

Knitting factories.

Eclat was the first in the Asia Pacific region to be certified by DuPont to produce Lycra®. Developing and knitting activewear materials is a craft and a science that requires extensive knowledge and extreme precision. A tiny change in hundreds of yarns can affect the material’s characteristics and structural integrity. Thus, our knitting factories have designers and specialists to advise and ensure the product meets your brand’s design vision and technical needs. We deliver a monthly capacity of 15 million yards with agility, precise production rates, and reassuringly high standards.

Eclat Xizhou factory knitting production site

Dye factories.

Dyeing is a very complex and precise chemical process. Our colorists and technicians explore colorfastness, heat setting, and the possibilities of color — from neutral to elegant dark shades to vibrant tones. Now let’s talk about water. Eclat dye factories are reusing and recycling water with low energy consumption and purifying systems to ensure our wastewater is safe beyond regulations. Also, the chemicals used in our dying processes are stored safely and certified by bluesign®. We extend these ethics to our supply chain partners.

Dispensing system at Eclat Da-Yuan dyeing factory.

Sourcing raw materials.

Chemicals and yarns are essential raw materials throughout our supply chain, and we make every effort to source them locally and responsibly with transparency and complete traceability. Eclat focuses on long-term, sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with its business partners and suppliers to deliver great products. In our procurement and diligence process, we request that our suppliers support and comply with our social and environmental policy, including on-site audits on a consistent basis.

Eclat Xizhou factory heat setting production site.