Quality Assurance

Eclat QA designers and engineers.

We’ve honed our ideas and craft to generate increasingly excellent output.

Quality above all.

At Eclat, we put product quality above all else. Daily quality control is integral to our product creation cycle. We set high standards for ourselves. And for our partners and customers. For this reason, every product we develop undergoes quality assurance tests, from technical designs to fine craftsmanship by experts and rare artisanal professionals.

Why we insist on quality.

Product quality and durability go hand in hand. They are fundamental factors in reducing its environmental impact. Our quality control team ensures conformity and consistency of products made in large numbers, enabling brands and retailers to use our products and services long-term and create value for their customers.

Testing product performance.

How does the product perform out there, and will it stand the test of time? Our quality assurance teams uncover these questions at our certified labs by relentlessly stress-testing and grading materials.

Eclat performance testing labs.

Bursting performance test.

What we test.

We test how products perform in the real world with precision and speed—by the standards set by your team and our dedicated R&D teams. Performance and durability tests typically include shrinkage, skew, pilling, snagging, bursting, airflow, moisture-wicking, stretch and recovery, colorfastness, and many more at every one of our mills. Eclat has earned over two dozen lab certifications from global brands.

Why it matters.

We perform laboratory tests to drive innovation and meet your requirements. On top of this, your teams can verify our lab results immediately without needing a third party. It saves time and resources. Likewise, the lab results demonstrate the product qualities and functional features. It helps validate and maintain product standards throughout the production.

Colorfastness sweat test.

Measuring shrinkage performance.