Operational Efficiency

Efficiency guided by the human touch.

Protecting natural resources cannot be achieved without a forward-thinking approach and smart manufacturing methods. At Eclat, we want to make the product development incredibly efficient and reliable.

Maximizing precious resources.

Attention to detail is critical to making every part of the production count. That’s why we take a scientific, fact-based approach with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to maximize our efforts across our sites to reduce material and chemical usage and water waste. Also, we leverage General Sewing Data (GSD) for cost optimization and transparency — we can trace every part of the production down to the last stitch.

Future-proof your business.

To make doing business easier for your company, Eclat ensures our industrial sites are certified and meet applicable requirements. Many of which have earned the requirements of renowned global standards and brands. We regularly perform self-inspections with a permanent focus on continuously improving our value chain, from our workforce to suppliers to our systems and technologies. Fundamentally we future-proof the way we do business by reducing production loss and our impact on the planet.

Doing right by the planet.