Innovation and Partners

Accelerating product innovation.

Innovation unlocks new ways to make products and services better. Through R&D, we’re leveraging greener processes and technology, talent, and reducing environmental impact.

Innovation highlights.


R&D team consists of nearly 380 technicians, specialists and designers.


Close to NT$145 million invested in R&D annually.


Quarterly garment innovations.


New material discoveries and developments per year on average.

Our SDGs contribution: Products and Services

Eclat is a leading provider of innovative knitwear materials and garments, contributing to several of the UN’s SDGs, including Good Health and Well-being, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Climate Action. We are committed to promoting health and wellbeing, supporting economic growth, driving innovation and infrastructure development, promoting responsible consumption and production, and taking action on climate change through our products and services.

Eclat innovation focus areas.

We maintain an optimal technology and talent development model to reduce production loss and environmental impact by creating a greener process and supply chain.

At Eclat, the collaboration between our teams and partners is integral to the success of the products. The processing plants, purchasing, production, operation department, and the sustainable management group work closely to develop ideas and new approaches to drive innovation and growth. In 2022, we committed 160 million NTD to boost innovation and R&D. Eclat product innovation is based on four pillars.

  1. Quality above all.
  2. Creativity and rigor.
  3. Supply chain responsibility.
  4. Research and development

1. Quality above all.

We obsess over product quality. Our quality assurance and durability tests are essential to the development process. It ensures our products are designed to last. It’s a fundamental factor in reducing its environmental impact.

2. Creativity and rigor.

We value creativity and innovation in our business. We invest in new ideas and techniques and have teams of creatives, engineers, designers, and specialists focused on smart and sustainable design solutions. Our products are certified by international product safety and environmental organizations and we consistently update our certifications to ensure compliance with regulations.

3. Supply chain responsibility.

We prioritize sourcing chemicals and yarns locally and responsibly, with transparency and traceability. We build long-term, sustainable relationships with our supply chain partners to deliver high-quality products. We request that our suppliers support and comply with our social and environmental policy, including on-site audits. We focus on a consistent procurement and diligence process.

4. Research and development.

Our R&D and product planning Unit, the prototyping center, and labs, among others, develop technical knit materials and apparel. We invest roughly NT$ 140 million annually in R&D. Our production and distribution teams hold a weekly meeting to discuss product innovation, industry trends, sales performance, and economic outlook, which serves as a reference in our development processes.

Materials with purpose.

Material technologies crafted with the highest aesthetic standards that ensure comfort and reliability.

Garment Innovation.

Creativity and decades of mastery in developing technical clothing that inspire and motivate people.

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