Reports and Metrics

Ethical standards, trust, and accountability.

Guided by the Board, we prioritize the highest ethics standards, trust, and accountability. We aim to achieve this by implementing innovative practices and well-defined policies.

ESG Committee

Eclat formed its ESG Committee in 2017. The committee serves as a communication platform, decision-making center, and driving force across departments for the company’s sustainable management responsibilities. Its core duties include:

  • Establishing a sustainability policy.
  • Planning, executing, and reviewing ESG-related initiatives.
  • Assessing corporate sustainability goals, strategies, and actions, while monitoring their progress.
  • Addressing topics of concern to stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, government, non-profit organizations, community, and media, while overseeing communication plans.
  • Compiling the ESG report.
  • Periodically reporting the current year’s results and the strategy for the following year to the board of directors.

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