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Workforce diversity and development.

We value diverse talents and views. Our culture centers on integrity and equity. We have open dialogs with our stakeholders to further a sense of belonging, growth, and empowerment across Eclat.


Eclat hires extensively through a fair and inclusive process to promote diversity and encourage innovation by recruiting, developing, and retaining the best talent. We always aim to fulfill our commitments to bring economic opportunities to more people in a safe and healthy working environment. This year, an average of 76.5% of our employees stated they are proud and satisfied with working at Eclat.


Employees worldwide.


Women account for more than half of the company.


Employment satisfaction rated as ‘happy and proud.’ 


Gender pay equity at Eclat.

30 y/o

Majority of our talent is in their 30s and below.

Gender diversity

Our workforce consists solely of full-time and part-time employees, with no outsourced or dispatched personnel. Women comprise most of our workforce in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

Generational diversity

We build our culture on new ideas and possibilities without sacrificing all collective generations’ guidance, diligence, creativity, and craft. The majority of our talent is in their 30s and below.

Management roles by gender

At Eclat, women account for 33.8% of all managerial positions, with 13.3% holding top executive roles. The following percentages represent the proportion of women in managerial positions in each location:

  • Taiwan: 52.4%
  • Vietnam: 71.7%
  • Cambodia: 76.5%
  • Indonesia: 83.8%



Setting employees up for success.

We set up our employees for success with our performance management system by maximizing performance, developing their potential, and enabling open communication between supervisors and staff.

By settling and communicating goals with different departments within the organization and conducting mid-year and year-end performance evaluations, managers at different levels are able to assess whether progress is on track, check the company’s performance status, and set employee development or training plans for the next stage or year.

Our four principles of performance management are:

  1. Supervisors should lead and set challenging and objective goals for their staff (using MBO or KPI indicators).
  2. Staff should be responsible for their personal performance and managers for coaching and guidance.
  3. Managers should hold ongoing discussions and stay in the loop about employee development.
  4. Talent differentiation should be properly managed so as to provide constructive dialogue and feedback on progress.

We invest in our employees’ careers.

Eclat invests in providing the necessary training and workshops on new technologies and processes to maintain our edge. We continuously develop a comprehensive range of training and development programs, including onboarding, general competency, apprenticeship, career development, and advanced and management training. Our HR department allocates resources according to the needs of our teams.

In 2019, Eclat spent NT$ 1,529,000 on skill-building, safety, and development, with each employee receiving over 14 hours of training, totalling 230,686 hours of training that year.

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Our investments in training and development enables employees to achieve their goals and develop their professional competencies more effectively. Independent experts run forward-thinking training and workshops, and some managers receive company backing to attend third-party workshops.

In addition to our training programs, each department manager schedules specific on-the-job training designed to pass on their knowledge to maximize employees’ potential, performance, and individual competency for assigned tasks and personal developmental needs.

Eclat designed a training quality management system based on the TTQS quality evaluation articles and ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements. The system includes systematic supervision and management to protect training quality and the staff’s participation in education and training, which we have in the annual performance rating. This system will be a reference for future promotion and job responsibility adjustments.

We actively listen to employees’ feedback.

We proactively listen to our employees. About 95% of our employees annually participate in Eclat’s satisfaction survey. The average overall satisfaction is 72%, which equates to pride and happiness at work at Eclat. New hires take part in the study after three months of employment.


Talent retention rate.

540K hrs

A total of 544,573 hours were dedicated to staff training.


Apprentices that have successfully completed training.


Trainees (New hires) and Students.


Apprentices that are taken on by Eclat.

We’re fostering executives and future leaders.

Eclat Leadership Program aims to foster management graduate talents in universities and colleges in Taiwan. Our Chairman’s Office directs the program. We invite graduates to participate in executive coaching, hands-on work, and leadership activities to help develop their career goals while strengthening Eclat’s leadership and future growth. The select graduates, from 1,000 applicants, receive employment and three to six months of solid training, including management, quality control, factory operations, business strategy, and leadership.

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