People and Communities

Garment sampling team, Taipei.

People first.

At Eclat, we believe good company culture equals better products and services. That’s why we focus on improving the experience at work and in the industry and ensuring optimum health and safety for our people and communities.

Our approach to culture and communities

We focus on building a culture of integrity that encourages opportunities for connection, growth, conversation and a positive working environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, heard, and empowered to do their best work.

  1. Provide training and workshops on new technology to all managers and staff to maintain our competitiveness.
  2. Keep communication channels open and transparent between management and employees.
  3. Protecting human rights and advocate equality and diversity.
  4. Bring economic opportunities to more people in a safe and healthy working environment.



Investments and funds raised to support communities.


NT$52.93 million invested in health & safety and improving workplace conditions.

540K hrs

A total of 544,573 hours were dedicated to staff training.


Gender pay equity at Eclat.

SDGs contribution: Social impact

We want to create more local jobs, help communities thrive, and bring economic value. Under the same conditions, Eclat is an equal opportunity employer with 100% gender pay equity. At the end of each year, respective supervisors provide education and training sessions for the employees, reflecting the needs of the related units and staff.

In 2019, we launched Eclat eAcademy. A self-learning environment for employees with unrestricted access to learning. The platform had an average of 17.69 hours spent on our courses per person the following year. At Eclat, we encourage each facility to promote well-being, exercise, form clubs, and organize events reflective of the needs of its employees.

We focus on health and safety.

Health and safety remain a priority, so we designed our compensation plan to provide essential benefits to support employees’ physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

We advocate human rights and equality for everyone.

Eclat systematically protects employees’ rights and complies with internationally recognized human rights standards. We are committed to 100% pay equity for all employees in similar roles and levels. We aim to maintain a higher equitable base salary than the industry standard under laws and regulations.

We provide our employees the space to learn and grow.

We promote a culture where new ideas and possibilities thrive and bring economic opportunity to more people in a healthy and safe working environment. People at Eclat come in at all stages of their careers. We enable them to develop their skills and roles through mentoring.

We contribute to our communities.

Eclat provides grants, career opportunities, donations, and participates in ecological and social volunteering initiatives to give back and strengthen our communities.

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