People and Communities

Enriching communities and inspiring people.

Eclat works to deepen its long-standing social contributions with efforts focused on education and economic opportunities to empower communities and be good neighbors.

Social contribution highlights

We believe it’s critical to enable young minds to achieve the extraordinary through education and support beyond funding. We extend our efforts to include sponsorships and supply donations. From orphanages, temples, injury associations to disaster prevention and relief. Social and disability centers and the underrepresented and underprivileged communities.

60 million

Provided NT$ 60 million education scholarships and grants programs to date.

5 million+

NT$ 5 million annual investment towards the 10 years running Eclat Student Design Competition.

17.21 million

NT$ 17.21 million in donations and social investments.

We’re enabling student success.

Eclat Education Foundation.

Eclat Education Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2013. The foundation focuses on education equity and scholarships, such as monetary grants and enabling student success. The organization aims to cultivate talents, encourage innovation, and promote industry-university cooperation to give back to society by building healthy and sustainable communities and accelerating change. The foundation has supported over 900 students since its founding.

Partnerships that make a difference.

Eclat partners with national and international academic institutions and organizes internships with colleges and universities to help students accumulate practical skills and industry experience while earning as full-time employees. Also, Eclat provides corporate resources, host lecturers and career coaching programs for students and graduates.

We amplify young creative voices.

Eclat Student Fashion Design Competition launched in 2011 to amplify the creativity and voices of inspiring young talent who want to impact the world and accelerate building Taiwan as one of the global centers for talent and innovation. The competition invites international and national judges on its panel to bridge the industry globally. Eclat has invests over NT$ 5 million per year towards the ten-years-old competition.

The competition attracts more than 400 contestants per year from some of the best universities in Taiwan enter the competition, with about twenty-one awards giving, totalling more than NT$ 1.5 Million in cash prizes. The competition offers career opportunities and talent development through mentorship, training, and network building.

Small things become big things.

Eclat Xiefu Kindergarten.

Education unlocks opportunity, and we believe in the potential of children. We advocate that the transformative power of early childhood education is limitless. It’s why we built the Eclat Xiefu Kindergarten in cooperation with the local government in Vietnam. The kindergarten has eight classes and 200 students from the community, including our employees’ children.

Our philanthropic journey began with the establishment of the kindergarten in 2013. Thanks to the generosity of the Hiep Phuoc government, which offered the land based on their leadership philosophy: to take from society is to give back. Eclat invested 222,000 USD and commissioned Junbao Private Enterprise to build it. After completing, we donated the kindergarten to the Hiep Phuoc county government to give back to society.

Relief efforts and community engagement.

Our company culture empowers employees to take active roles in their communities, use their voices, donate, and volunteer their time to causes close to their hearts. Eclat periodically hosts and participates in events and talks that inform employees on important social and environmental issues, such as ecology, pollution, recycling, and the use and disposal of plastics—to connect them with opportunities to get them involved, strengthen their knowledge to work toward solutions.

Beach cleaning. Staff collected 488 kg of trash at an event organized by the ANZ Bank.

Over 53 people participated in Mt. Guanyin cleaning activity, along with their families.

Watermelon Festival.

Every summer, Eclat purchases roughly 1,300 watermelons from local farmers in the surroundings of our Hsinchu Factory to sustain farmers’ businesses and strengthen relationships with our community and the township. The watermelon is shared among employees and customers to promote and create a positive cycle of locally farmed products. And to give thanks, Eclat sometimes buys produce from employees’ family farms.

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